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From the very beginning we have been striving to constantly improve the quality of our products and business. We have been achieving our targets thanks to systematic work and efforts which represent a foundation of good performance and excellence in all segments of our business. Time showed that our efforts alone will eventually not be enough to continue prospering, which is why we introduced international standards into our system and gradually implemented them in all segments of our business. Our endeavours were rewarded with EAQF certification and we were subsequently classified into A Group of suppliers in automobile industry (July 1995 and June 2001). We were also awarded ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality (December 1995 and July 2002), all of which in co-operation with our partner company.


Pro Meglič d.o.o., Dolenja Nem¹ka vas 49, 8210 Trebnje, Slovenia; Phone: +386 7 304 4300, e: