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»Pro Meglič, proizvodnja in trgovina d.o.o.« is a family-owned company which was founded in 2002 by four natural persons. The Company took over the business of the company Kovinarstvo Viljem Meglič s.p. boasting a 30-year tradition in the production and marketing of small metal products and semi-products.

Our company consists of administration and a production facility. Our production facility and warehouse stretch on an area of 1,100 m2.

We are committed to the following goals:
  • Quality (achieving of the required level of quality)
  • Costs (optimisation of work processes - cost-cutting)
  • Time (meeting of delivery dates)


Pro Meglič d.o.o., Dolenja Nem¹ka vas 49, 8210 Trebnje, Slovenia; Phone: +386 7 304 4300, e: